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Labor Market Access and Outcomes for Refugees

Labor Market Access and Outcomes for RefugeesRefugees’ right to work is protected by international law but often violated in practice. This Digest discusses the barriers that host governments impose on refugees’ labor market access and reviews the academic research on...

People fleeing conflict don’t want aid – they want work

An article by Björn Gillsäter, Head, World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced DisplacementGabriela Davila is a Venezuelan entrepreneur who arrived in Ecuador 5 years ago. She lives in Quito and, in her bakery, prepares colada morada and guaguas de pan, following...

Platform for Aggregate Statistics on Forced Displacement

Platform for Aggregate Statistics on Forced Displacement Context UNHCR collects a wide range of data from the 137 countries that the organization works in. Efforts to make this data safely available beyond UNHCR are underway with the Microdata Library initiative. As...

If we invest in statistics, our dividend will be protection

Some 74% of forcibly displaced people are located in low- and middle-income countries, where investments in development programs and sound policy decisions are a foundation of a sustainable future. They are often the most marginalized population group in these countries.

The Psychosocial Value of Employment: Evidence from a Refugee Camp

This paper presents a causal estimate of the psychosocial benefits of employment among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Formal employment in Bangladesh is illegal for Rohingya refugees and restrictions on movement limit their access to informal work in nearby urban...

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