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Compounding Misfortunes : An Update to the Study

The study Compounding Misfortunes funded by the Joint Data Center and jointly published by the World Bank and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in December 2020, represented an initial investigation and analysis into the poverty impact of COVID-19 in Jordan, Lebanon, and the Iraq-Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Iraq-KRI) on host communities and refugees. The release of the Study was timed so it could inform the design of 2021 national response plans, including those under the Regional Refugee and Response Plan (3RP) umbrella.

In preparation for 2021 Supporting the future of Syria and the Region Brussels V Conference, the Study’s projections have been updated and the underlying microsimulation models refined.

In this Update, World Bank and UNHCR join forces with World Food Program to revise poverty projections in light of the latest macroeconomic estimates for 2020, as well as forecasts for 2021, in Lebanon and Iraq-KRI only.