JDC Strategy for 2024 – 2027

Since 2020, the JDC has served to convene stakeholders and catalyze efforts around socioeconomic data and evidence to enhance the ability of stakeholders to make timely and evidence-informed decisions that can improve the lives of affected people. Going forward, we will continue to rely on a range of partnerships to reach our intended outcomes. We will solicit, select, and provide financial and technical support to global and country-level activities carried out by World Bank and UNHCR teams in collaboration with governments and humanitarian, development, and academic actors.

The second mandate of the JDC began in 2024 and, over the next four years, we will work towards four strategic priorities:

I. Systematic inclusion in national statistics

II. Targeted production of high-quality data and timely analysis to inform policy and programs

III. Data innovation to increase the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of data

IV. Operationalize data and evidence to strengthen solutions to forced displacement

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