Data systems and tools

Through the development of innovative tools and methods, the JDC aims to improve the quality and availability of data on populations affected by forced displacement.

UNHCR Microdata Library

UNHCR’s Microdata Library contains microdata on forcibly displaced people including refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced people (IDPs) and stateless people.

World Bank Microdata Library

The Microdata Library is a collection of datasets from the World Bank and other international, regional and national organizations.

Big data

Forced Displacement Document Catalogue

Support for the discovery, cleaning, cataloguing and anonymizing data for the UNHCR microdata library so that it can be shared with external partners.

Refugee Data Finder​

With UNHCR’s Global Data Service, constructing a platform of socioeconomic, wellbeing and living standards statistics on forcibly displaced populations, incorporating survey-based indicators.

Aggregated Statistics platform on Forced Displacement
Big data

Geospatial data in forced displacement contexts​

The objective of this activity is to identify, document, and fill data gaps leveraging geospatial technologies in a series of IDP and refugee settings.​

Kobo Toolbox

KoBo Toolbox is used in most forced displacement settings around the world. The JDC supports its development, enhancing its function as a Global Public Good.

Bangladesh. Joint initiative  to enhance KoBoToolbox for data collection and analysis in displacement contexts

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