Data Standards and Governance

JDC aims to strengthen national and international data standards by supporting the development development of recommendations on data governance.

National Statistical Inclusion

Activities that support the inclusion of forcibly displaced people in national socioeconomic data collection.

Aggregated Statistics platform on Forced Displacement

Expert Group on Refugee, IDP & Statelessness Statistics

Standard definitions and data collection methods for refugees, internally displaced and stateless people, adopted by the UN Statistical Commission.

Microdata on Forcibly Displaced Populations

This project aims to improve the availability, accessibility and dissemination of microdata on forcibly displaced populations by supporting UNHCR to increase the access to its data and to colloborate with a number of partners on responsible data access.

Big data
Big data

Enhancing UNHCR’s global registration system

UNHCR’s development of its Population Registration and Identity Management Eco-System (PRIMES), which unifies registration, identity management and case management applications.

UNHCR Forced Displacement Survey

Through the development of innovative tools and methods, the JDC aims to improve the quality and availability of data on populations affected by forced displacement.

Aggregated Statistics platform on Forced Displacement