Data Collection and Surveys

JDC aims to foster and produce quality socioeconomic data and analysis to improve development policy and humanitarian response.

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Venezuelans in Peru

The National Statistics Office (INEI) in Peru will include a sample of Venezuelans in the National Household Survey.

Enhancing UNHCR’s analytical capacity

Activities Enhancing UNHCR's analytical capacityAs more data becomes available in areas affected by forced displacement, UNHCR is scaling up its capacity to analyze and use socioeconomic data. For this, the JDC provides funds to hire new economists .  In this...

UNHCR Forced Displacement Survey

Three pilot surveys, in Cameroon, Pakistan and South Sudan of the Forced Displacement Survey, the first-of-its-kind survey programme will produce data on refugees that is multi-sectoral, comparable across countries, and fully aligned with international measurement standards.

Refugees in the Uganda National Health Survey

The inclusion of a representative sample of refugees in the national Demographic and Health Survey in Uganda – one stratum for the northern population and another for those in the southwest, reflecting the current geographic distribution of refugees.

Internal displacement in Colombia

Support for the National Statistics Office (DANE) and Victims Unit (UARIV) in Colombia to improve statistics on internally displaced persons by implementing international standards, linking IDP data with other government sources, and carrying out additional analysis and policy work.

Statelessness and national censuses in Central Asia

Support to census activities in Central Asia will improve the technical infrastructure of National Statistical Offices and train census enumerators on citizenship status and statelessness, and conduct public awareness campaigns of statelessness to encourage the participation of stateless people in censuses. This will be complemented with a survey on stateless persons in Tajikistan.

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