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On the Relationship between Violent Conflict and Wages in Colombia

The paper investigates the relationship between forced displacement and wages in Colombia. Using data from the Quality of Life Survey (2011–2014), the authors analyze the differences in wages between those forced by violence to move to other regions, and those who...

Internal Forced Displacement and Crime: Evidence from Colombia

This paper examines the relationship between internal displacement and crime in Colombia. The authors consider five categories of crime: homicides, kidnapping, personal injuries, automobile theft and residence burglary. The main explanatory variable is the number of...

Followed by Violence: Forced Immigration and Homicides

This paper examines the causal impact of inflows of internal displaced people (IDP) on homicides in Colombian host municipalities during the period 1999 to 2014. A priori, the authors suggest that IDP inflows might increase crime because: (a) IDPs were exposed to...

Integrating Venezuelans into the Colombian Labor Market

As of December 2018, Colombia hosted more than one million forced migrants who had fled the escalating economic, political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Colombia has embarked on a process of regularizing more than 442,000 eligible Venezuelan...

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