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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: A Spatial Study

Lebanon hosts the second largest population of Syrian refugees and has the highest per capita population of Syrian refugees in the world. This paper examines the spatial distribution of Syrian refugees across districts in Lebanon and investigates the factors that...

The Mobility of Displaced Syrians – An Economic and Social Analysis

This report analyzes the “mobility calculus” of Syrian refugees through: (a) a review of international experience to identify push/pull factors; (b) an assessment of the conditions faced by Syrians in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq as they relate to these push/pull...

Women Refugees, Leisure Space and the City Sarah Linn

The author highlights key findings of her research on Syrian refugees’ gendered experiences of mobility, security and public space in neighborhoods in the cities of Amman and Beirut. A number of intersecting structural and identity issues have combined to create...

Tripoli, Lebanon: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

This case study examines the impacts of the Syrian refugee influx on Tripoli, with a focus on urban poverty. By January 2017, Tripoli hosted some 70,000 registered Syrian refugees, representing a 17 percent increase in the city population. Prior to the Syrian refugee...

Private Sector Engagement in Refugee Education

Of the 144 non-state organizations engaged in Syrian refugee education in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey (in the second half of 2016), 32 percent were businesses and 10 percent were foundations. Of these, 77 percent were headquartered in high-income countries and 62...

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