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Sultanbeyli Istanbul, Turkey: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

More than 90 percent of refugees in Turkey live in cities. This case study explores the social integration of refugees in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul and their impact on the neighborhood. The report includes an overview of the Syrian refugee situation in Turkey, focusing on...

Private Sector Engagement in Refugee Education

Of the 144 non-state organizations engaged in Syrian refugee education in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey (in the second half of 2016), 32 percent were businesses and 10 percent were foundations. Of these, 77 percent were headquartered in high-income countries and 62...

Child Labour and School Attendance in Turkey

The author argues that the emphasis on the ‘self-sufficiency’ of Syrian refugees in Turkey “trivialises education in comparison with work and fosters a belief among Syrian adults and children that education will not immediately improve their quality of life and is...

Schooling Gaps for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

This article discusses gaps in the provision of education to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Education services for Syrian refugees in Turkey were initially provided through temporary education centers (TECs) established in refugee camps as well as in communities with...

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