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Integration of Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants in Brazil

Brazil is hosting over 260,000 Venezuelans as of the second quarter of 2020. The majority of Venezuelan refugees and migrants enter and settle in the northern localities of Roraima (50 percent) and Amazonas (19 percent) bordering Venezuela. Brazil’s legal framework...

The Labor Market Effects of Venezuelan Migration in Ecuador

Over 470,000 Venezuelan migrants and displaced abroad have settled in Ecuador, over half choosing to live in four (out of 221) regions (cantons). This paper analyzes the determinants of the location choices of Venezuelan migrants in Ecuador and how they might affect...

Integrating Venezuelans into the Colombian Labor Market

As of December 2018, Colombia hosted more than one million forced migrants who had fled the escalating economic, political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Colombia has embarked on a process of regularizing more than 442,000 eligible Venezuelan...

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