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The JDC literature review highlights recent publications, academic scholarship, and thought leadership on issues relating to forced displacement. Our intention is to stimulate discussion, encourage the exchange of ideas, and support a ‘Community of Practice’.

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Indicators for the Global Compact on Refugees

This brief article considers the kinds of indicators that might be appropriate to measure the implementation of the Refugee Compact, focusing on the compact’s fundamental principles “to operationalize the principles of burden- and responsibility-sharing to better...

A Global Academic Network on Refugees: Some Unanswered Questions

This article discusses the proposal in the Refugee Compact for a global academic network on forced displacement and statelessness “to facilitate research, training and scholarship opportunities which result in specific deliverables in support of the objectives of the...

Responsibility Sharing: From Principle to Policy

This article discusses whether the Global Compact on Refugees (Refugee Compact) provides sufficient specificity on responsibility sharing to address the lack of binding commitments on responsibility sharing in the 1951 Refugee Convention and New York Declaration for...

The Effects of Foreign Aid on Refugee Flows

This article analyzes whether, and to what extent, foreign aid is effective in tackling the root causes of flight and reducing the flow of refugees. The authors: (a) analyze whether inflows of foreign aid are effective in reducing the total outflows of refugees from...

Foreign Aid and Asylum Immigration. Does Development Matter?

This paper tests the influence of aid from rich to developing economies on bilateral asylum inflows, by measuring the impact of bilateral aid on asylum seeker applications from 113 sending countries in 14 OECD destination economies for each year over the period...

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