JDC Literature Review

The JDC literature review contains summaries of recent publications and academic scholarship on issues relating to forced displacement.

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Private Sector & Refugees: Pathways to Scale

The development community is increasingly working to empower refugees as agents of their own lives and economic contributors, e.g. by providing skills training, offering employment or enabling access to financial products and services. Private sector actors are well...

Private Sector Engagement in Refugee Education

Of the 144 non-state organizations engaged in Syrian refugee education in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey (in the second half of 2016), 32 percent were businesses and 10 percent were foundations. Of these, 77 percent were headquartered in high-income countries and 62...

Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) 2019

The 2019 Global Report on Internal Displacement presents global figures for internal displacement in 2018, including internal displacement due to conflict and violence. An estimated 3 million people were living in internal displacement as a result of conflict and...