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The JDC literature review contains summaries of recent publications and academic scholarship on issues relating to forced displacement.

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German Jewish Émigrés and US Invention

This paper presents empirical analysis of the long-term impact of highly educated Jewish scientists who had fled Nazi Germany on scientific innovation in the United States (US). In 1933 the Nazis introduced legislation requiring all non-Aryans to be removed from the...

Effect of Forced Displacement on Health

This paper analyzes health consequences of forced displacement during the war in Croatia between 1991-1995, part of the larger-scale conflicts that accompanied the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Specifically, the authors test whether displacement is relevant in...

The Neglected Health Needs of Older Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Older refugees are often a neglected population, particularly when it comes to health. In Jordan, an estimated 77 percent of Syrian refugees over age 60 have specific needs related to mobility, nutrition and health care, and more than half suffer from psychological...

Refugee and Migrant Health in the COVID-19 Response

This article identifies implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for refugees and migrants due to: (a) suspension of resettlement travel for refugees; (b) restrictions on population movements leading to potential refoulement of asylum seekers; (c) local transmission in...