JDC Literature Review

The JDC literature review contains summaries of recent publications and academic scholarship on issues relating to forced displacement.

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Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in FCV Situations

This note highlights best practices in designing, implementing and evaluating a project involving a mental health and psychosocial support component. It sets out the arguments for investing in mental health and psychosocial support in FCV situations, including the...

Peace Education and Psychosocial Support for Social Cohesion

Conflict has extensive psychological impacts on refugees, particularly youth and children, which are exacerbated by the “daily stressors of displacement, poverty, lack of resources and services to meet basic needs, risks of violence and exploitation, discrimination...

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in FCV Situations

Many FCV countries now have higher mortality due to NCDs than communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutrition related conditions, due to changing disease epidemiology. This note highlights best practices in designing, implementing and evaluating a project that...

The Macro-Economic Impacts of Syrian Refugee Aid

This article describes a recent study of the macroeconomic impact of humanitarian assistance in response to the Syrian crisis, which finds significant positive impacts for economic growth and job creation in the region. The core response of the international community...

Governance of the Global Refugee Regime

The authors argue that the global refugee regime, distinct from its component organizations, lacks a clearly defined system of governance due to: diffuse governance arrangements; conflation of governance of the regime with governance of UNHCR; and lack of effective...

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