Supporting Recently Resettled Refugees in the UK

Marwa Belghazi

Forced Migration Review 58, June 2018, pp. 8-10


The author offers several lessons learned from supporting refugees in their search for employment in the UK, including the importance of:

  • Continuous support to navigate a new system, e.g. through regular group/individual discussions to share frustrations, strategies for looking for work etc.;
  • Capitalizing on a refugee’s first language, which could be an asset for employers seeking bilingual candidates;
  • Professional mentoring;
  • Embedding support within a framework of universal vulnerability, i.e. the idea that we are all vulnerable to differing degrees and our vulnerability is situational;
  • Recognizing that some individuals require time and support to address their mental and physical health needs before they are ready to enter the labor market;
  • Challenging perceived failure, e.g. by encouraging feedback from employers or partner organizations to better understand and address reasons for rejection;
  • Finding creative ways to attract attention of employers, e.g. by harnessing interest in supporting refugees; and
  • Exploring new opportunities by using their skills in different roles.



United Kingdom