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How do policy approaches affect refugee economic outcomes? Insights from studies of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

This paper examines how different policy environments in Jordan and Lebanon have shaped economic outcomes for Syrian refugees, with a focus on education, work, social assistance, and welfare outcomes. In Jordan, the population census identified 1.3 million Syrians living in the country, of whom around 650,000 are recorded as registered refugees by UNHCR. In Lebanon, the government estimates that Syrian refugees numbered 1.5 million in 2021, while UNHCR Lebanon reports 850,000 registered Syrian refugees.

Food insecurity in Venezuelan migrants in Trinidad and Tobago using the food insecurity experience scale

This article examines the prevalence of food insecurity among Venezuelan migrants in Trinidad and Tobago and identifies the socio-demographic characteristics associated with food insecurity. As of 2018, there were almost 6,500 Venezuelans in need of international protection registered by UNHCR in Trinidad and Tobago. Unofficial estimates suggest that Trinidad and Tobago hosts over 40,000 Venezuelan migrants.