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Developing statistical standards on statelessness

Background and Context A significant “data gap” exists between the number of stateless people reported in UNHCR’s statistical publications (some 4.2 million people as of the 2019 Global Trends Report) and the often cited but unverified global estimate of 10 million...

Djibouti: Identifying and monitoring displaced populations

Background and Context Over the past decade, Djibouti has become a country of destination and transit for migrants and forcibly displaced populations over the Gulf of Aden and through the Horn of Africa. The country has thus started to play an important security role...

JDC newsletter, June 2022

Painting a clearer picture of refugees and internally displaced with data Dear Colleagues, Since the inception of the Joint Data Center in 2019, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality, quantity, and availability of socioeconomic data and evidence on the...

JDC Annual Report 2021

JDC Annual Report 2021In 2021, the number of people forced to flee their homes continued to rise to a new record. The three main factors impacting displacement were the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict and climate change. But we are making good progress on the quality,...

JDC Seminar | New and Upcoming KoboToolbox Features

The Center is a virtual seminar on New and Upcoming KoboToolbox Features on May 26th. JDC and UNHCR have partnered with Kobo Inc. to create additional features and enhancements for the benefit of organizations working to assist and protect displaced populations.

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