Quarterly Digest December Cover

The Gender Dimensions of Forced Displacement: Findings from New Empirical Analysis

To date, research and analysis of the gendered dimensions of forced displacement have been limited. This Quarterly Digest highlights findings from a new, major World Bank Research Program which has sought to fill this important gap. The papers published from the Program include eight detailed country investigations and three multi-country studies covering 17 countries, and feature innovative methodological approaches, combining different sources of data to test hypotheses. The Digest presents the results over four main areas of research (poverty, livelihood, intimate partner violence, and gender norms), and concludes with a series of recommendations to improve the collection of data to investigate the intersectionality of gender and displacement. The Program’s findings lend support to a number of expected patterns, like the disadvantages faced by displaced women in economic opportunities, but also reveal some counter-intuitive results in particular settings, underscoring the importance of country-specific analysis.