On May 13th, the World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement will host an online event on the report “Venezuelans in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru”. We will present the surveys analysed and launch a data guide that demonstrate how to use free and open-source tools to analyse these datasets. The event will be held in two thirty-minute sessions, for English and Spanish-speaking audiences. 

Venezuelans are the largest single nationality on the move in Latin America. As governments debate policies that will impact the future of the region, the Cartagena+40 process, the report aims to promote evidence-based policies and discussions. All data collected and analysed is publicly available and the data guide offers an introductory walkthrough on this resource. 

“Venezuelans in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru” – Data Guide 

May 13th, 2024 

Session in English: 10:00 am Washington DC (GMT-4) 

To sign up for the English session, register here: 

Session in Spanish: 10:40 am Washington DC (GMT-4) 

To sign up for the Spanish session, register here: