Over the past decade, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has experienced of one of the largest mass human movements in the world. The exodus from Venezuela is the largest-ever displacement crisis in the Americas, with an estimated 7.7 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants having left their country since 2015. Governments in the region have been responding in ways that meet the immediate needs of migrants while also trying to shape policy over the long term. Policy responses are more effective when they are based on up-to-date evidence and analysis. Consequently, the JDC commissioned a report that analyzes data of the Venezuelan population in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – the four largest hosting countries when the data was gathered.

The report was led by Carolina Mejía-Mantilla (Senior Economist, Poverty and Equity Practice, World Bank), with a core team that included Stephanie González, Julia Lendorfer, and Daniel Rodríguez (Consultants, Poverty and Equity Practice, World Bank).