What We Do

The JDC aims to set in motion a transformative process to dramatically improve the availability and accessibility of high-quality socioeconomic data and evidence on affected populations. These can in turn be used to inform policies and programs at the sub-national, national, regional and global levels. Our activities are organized along the four strategic objectives. We are currently working with partners and supporting over 40 activities, carefully selected to contribute toward our vision and mission.


Strengthening data systems and standards




JDC aims to strengthen national and international data systems and build capacity through the implementation and development of statistical standards, methods and tools for relevant forced displacement data by:

Making forcibly displaced persons visible in the SDG indicators

Expanding statistical methods and tools on forced displacement

Exploring innovative methods to strengthen data

Producing data and analysis

JDC aims to produce quality socioeconomic microdata and analysis at sub-national, national, and regional levels to inform and improve policy processes and response.

Data collection and analysis activities (combined or separated) will be selected for support on an annual basis, through approval by the Head of the JDC and the JDC’s Management Committee according to established processes. A flexible rolling window fund will allow the JDC to respond to more immediate operational needs or evolving crises.

Impact evaluation of a disintegrated safety net for refugees and host communities in the Northern Republic of Congo

Enhancing safe and responsible data access

Building evidence and sharing knowledge

JDC aims to fortify the growing international research community on forced displacement through disseminating research products and evidence; and facilitating knowledge exchange amongst community members as well as with practitioners and relevant policymakers.


 Our COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of society, but for those forcibly displaced, the impact has been exacerbated by the conditions in which they live. To respond to the pandemic the JDC works to include forcibly displaced populations in research on the pandemic’s socioeconomic impact with the following publications: 


 Our resource commitments

To support the above activities we have committed a total amount of 18,5 million USD. The budget-distribution across our four strategic objectives can be seen in the chart on the right. A flexible rolling window fund of 1 million USD also allows us to respond to more immediate operational needs or evolving crises.
JDC work program objectives and resources committed to them

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