Data, Displacement & Development:

Putting the World Development Report into Action  


Hosted by the World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement

Date: June 7, 2023

Time: 15:15 – 16:45 Copenhagen/Geneva

Location: UN City, Marmovej 51, Copenhagen – conference room 0.9.34 (Yangtze)

In refugee situations, multiple actors … collect, at great cost, a range of data with little consistency and comparability. Further technical efforts are needed to harmonize data collection systems on definitions, questions, sampling, or post-enumeration surveys, and to strengthen the capacity of national statistical offices where needed.

World Development Report 2023

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Speakers and Panelists

Abul Azad

Quy-Toan Do

Co-Director, World Development Report 2023

Abul Azad

Alexandra Bilak

Director, Internal Displacement Monitoring Center

Abul Azad

Volker Schimmel

Head, Global Data Service, United Nations Refugee Agency

Abul Azad

Koko Warner

Director of the IOM Global Data Institute (GDI)

Björn Gillsäter

Head, World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement


Abul Azad

Caroline Mary Verney Sergeant

Senior Consultant, Forced Displacement team,

Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group of the World Bank


The 2023 World Development Report (WDR) – Migrants, Refugees and Societies – highlights the issues and inconsistencies in the current data on these populations and the importance of accurate and consistent data as a basis for effective programs and policies.

To support the operationalization of the WDR, the World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement (JDC) is invited one of the Co-Directors of the Report and leaders in data on migration and forced displacement to discuss the actions that are being taken to improve the data landscape for refugees, IDPs, stateless people and their hosts.