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The JDC literature review highlights recent publications, academic scholarship, and thought leadership on issues relating to forced displacement. Our intention is to stimulate discussion, encourage the exchange of ideas, and support a ‘Community of Practice’.

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The global cost of inclusive refugee education

An estimated 48 percent of school-age refugee children are out of school—an estimated 77 percent of refugee children attend primary school, 31 percent of refugee youth attend secondary education, and just 3 percent are able to access tertiary opportunities (compared...

A gravity analysis of refugee mobility using mobile phone data

This paper examines patterns of refugee mobility across provinces in Turkey using mobile phone data. Based on measures of mobility calculated from phone data, the authors use a standard gravity model to estimate the determinants of refugee movements. Gravity models...

A spatial model of internal displacement and forced migration

The authors develop a spatial model of internal and external forced migration due to conflict. Conflict is modeled as a shock in a particular location that causes the displacement of people—some of whom become refugees and others who become Internally Displaced...

The globalization of refugee flows

This article analyzes the spatial distribution of refugees over the period 1987-2017, in order to ascertain whether the burden of hosting refugees falls disproportionately on neighboring countries in the developing world. The empirical analysis is based on data on...

Unveiling the Cost of Internal Displacement

This report describes IDMC’s methodology for estimating the costs of internal displacement. [The report uses ‘financial’ and ‘economic’ costs interchangeably, but largely captures financial costs.] The methodology takes into account only the direct and immediate costs...

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