City of Challenge and Opportunity: Employment and Livelihoods for Internally Displaced People in Maiduguri, Borno State

Lauren Wyman

UnSettlement: Urban displacement in the 21st century, IDMC, February 2018


This case study examines the process of socio-economic integration of urban IDPs in Maiduguri in northern Nigeria and considers the opportunities and challenges they encounter in securing employment. The research finds that urban IDPs in Maiduguri engage in a range of economic activities, but opportunities are not equally distributed between men and women. Financial institutions are working to increase the number of Nigerians with bank accounts, but a lack of financing opportunities means that many IDPs are unable to restart their livelihoods or establish new ones once they arrive in the city. The paper concludes by recommending actions

to help IDPs re-establish their lives and livelihoods, specifically: (a) coordinating livelihood programming across sectors; (b) expanding access to financing; and (c) promoting womens’ livelihoods.