Transformative Climate Action in Cities

François Gemenne, Caroline Zickgraf, Anneliese Depoux, Laetitia Pettinotti, Agathe Cavicchioli and Sarah Rosengaertner

Forced Migration Review, Issue 63, February 2020


This article unpacks how climate change will affect migrant populations living in cities (including refugees and IDPs), and how local governance and actions to combat the effects of climate change will address migrants’ vulnerability and support their inclusion in cities. In cities and metropolitan areas, the economic, social, political and geographical marginalization of migrants affects their abilities to cope with slow-onset and sudden shocks resulting from climate change. The inclusion of urban migrants in climate change adaptation planning, disaster risk reduction and preparedness and in relief programs is therefore critical. The authors propose a threefold research agenda on: the impact of forced migration on critical climate action sectors; the specific vulnerabilities of forced migrant populations; and the shared vulnerabilities and opportunities for making common cause among forced migrants and other vulnerable populations in urban areas