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Nowcasting Daily Population Displacement in Ukraine through Social Media Advertising Data

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 triggered the rapid displacement of millions of refugees into neighboring countries and the displacement of millions of Ukrainians within the country. In conflict and crisis situations such as this one, representative survey data quickly become outdated, primary data collection is challenging if not impossible, and the dynamic nature of population changes requires high-frequency measurement not suited to traditional data gathering techniques.

Unknown risk: assessing refugee camp flood risk in Ethiopia

This article explores different approaches for using global data to assess refugee flood risk in refugee camps in Ethiopia. Ethiopia hosts over 870 000 refugees from Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia, most of whom (90 percent) live in refugee camps. Refugee camps in Ethiopia have a history of flooding, and flood rick is expected to increase with climate change.

The global cost of inclusive refugee education

An estimated 48 percent of school-age refugee children are out of school—an estimated 77 percent of refugee children attend primary school, 31 percent of refugee youth attend secondary education, and just 3 percent are able to access tertiary opportunities (compared...