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Results for: Labor Market Outcomes for Refugees and IDPs
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On the Relationship between Violent Conflict and Wages in Colombia

The paper investigates the relationship between forced displacement and wages in Colombia. Using data from the Quality of Life Survey (2011–2014), the authors analyze the differences in wages between those forced by violence to move to other regions, and those who...

Syrian Refugees: Limited Participation in Jordan’s Labour Force

This article discusses the reasons for the low labour force participation among Syrian refugees in Jordan; 77 percent of Syrian refugees are out of the labor force. Working illegally and informally remains common among Syrian refugees in Jordan, despite the work...

Job Market Outcomes of IDPs: The Case of Georgia

The paper examines labor market outcomes for IDPs in protracted displacement in Georgia. Using 13 years of Integrated Household Surveys, the authors find that labor market outcomes for IDPs are much worse than those of local residents and ‘voluntary movers’ with...

Two and a half million Syrian refugees, tasks and capital intensity

This paper examines the impact of the sudden inflow of 2.5 million Syrian refugees into Turkey on the tasks performed by Turkish workers and the intensity of capital employed by Turkish firms. Most Syrian refugees take low-skilled, manual jobs in the informal sector...

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