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A Vision for Restitution in Myanmar

The authors advocate for a comprehensive HLP restitution program in Myanmar that establishes a clear and accessible remedy for past and present land grabbing and displacement and that creates a framework for peace between Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs), government...

Property Restitution in Post-Conflict Syria

Property restitution will be challenging in any post-conflict Syria. Restitution and compensation processes will need to take into consideration: (a) the complex, pluralistic legal system governing housing, land and property (HLP) rights in Syria; (b) the widespread...

Syria’s Spontaneous Returns

More than 440,000 IDPs returned to their homes in Syria in 2017, and 31,000 refugees returned to Syria in the first half of 2017. This study analyzes spontaneous returns to Syria, based on surveys in Homs, Idlib and Azaz governates, and Aleppo City. The researchers...

Perspectives on the Return of Syrian Refugees

Discussions about the imminent return of large numbers of Syrian refugees are premature. Approximately two thirds of the former 21 million inhabitants of Syria have been forced to leave their homes (6.3 million IDPs, 5.2 million registered refugees and up to three...

When is Return Voluntary? Conditions of Asylum in Lebanon

Many refugees face physical, psychological or material ‘push factors’ arising from the lack of legal status. A key factor is refugees’ legal status in host countries. In Lebanon, 80 percent of Syrian refugees lack residency documents, which is a criminal offence, and...

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