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Sittwe Camp Profiling Report

This report analyses the displacement situation in and around Sittwe Township, the capital of Rakhine State in Myanmar, where ethnic violence has displaced more than 121,000 people since 2012. The profiling exercise, initiated in 2016, covered four population groups...

The Refugee Wave to Germany and its Impact on Crime

This paper provides empirical evidence on the crime impacts of the recent refugee influx to Germany from 2010 to 2015. The author considers asylum seekers and recognized refugees separately, since asylum seekers are subject to dispersal policies and locational...

Tripoli, Lebanon: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns

This case study examines the impacts of the Syrian refugee influx on Tripoli, with a focus on urban poverty. By January 2017, Tripoli hosted some 70,000 registered Syrian refugees, representing a 17 percent increase in the city population. Prior to the Syrian refugee...

Foreign Aid and Asylum Immigration. Does Development Matter?

This paper tests the influence of aid from rich to developing economies on bilateral asylum inflows, by measuring the impact of bilateral aid on asylum seeker applications from 113 sending countries in 14 OECD destination economies for each year over the period...

Child Marriage in Jordan: Breaking the Cycle

Protracted Syrian displacement is exacerbating pre-existing drivers of child marriage (gender inequality, poverty, lack of opportunities for girls). Child marriage increases the risk of dropping out of school, early pregnancy, reproductive health issues, social...

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