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JDC Newsletter, September 2023

Lessons from Niger – Setbacks are inevitable, so development requires a long-term and inclusive investmentThis is the first Newsletter from the new Head of the JDC, Aissatou (Aisha) Dicko. Aisha has over 15 years of operational experience with the World Bank in...

In Review

The World Bank-UNHCR Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement - In ReviewThe JDC was established in later 2019 to help change the collective approach to forced displacement to a bigger and broader one that lasts longer, matching the scale of forced displacement. At...

JDC Newsletter, July 2023

Does climate change cause displacement? (and more questions about data)Dear Colleagues, As we sweated through the hottest week on record in July, the reality of climate change confronts us all. Yet for some of us, the consequences are more dire than for others. After...

The impact of climate change on forced displacement

Understanding the impact of climate change on forced displacement is critical to informing solutions. The latest scientific findings confirm that climate change is a factor in displacement, albeit unquantified, and that climate and weather extremes are increasingly driving displacement. This paper examines the degree to which climate change is influencing and amplifying the multiple underlying risk drivers of displacement.

The Toll of Drought on Displaced and Vulnerable People in Somalia

The World Bank in collaboration with the United Nation Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the National Bureau of Statistics in Somalia and the JDC conducted a high-frequency phone survey. The sample consists of about 500 households from host communities, IDPs living in camps, IDPs living outside camps, refugees, and refugee returnees.

JDC Annual Report 2022

Since February last year, more than eight million refugees have fled Ukraine and more than one million Venezuelans have claimed asylum. These events make the work of the World Bank-UNHCR Joint
Data Center on Forced Displacement (JDC) more relevant than ever.

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