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Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare utilization, cases, and deaths of citizens and displaced Venezuelans in Colombia: Complementary comprehensive and safety-net systems under Colombia’s constitutional commitment

This article assesses the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare utilization and health outcomes of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, compared to Colombian citizens. Colombia hosts an estimated 1.8 million displaced Venezuelans, mostly located in large cities such as Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, and Medellín.

Somali Refugees in Kenya: Increasing camp-urban mobility

This working paper examines the wellbeing and ‘displacement economies’ of Somali refugees living in protracted displacement in Kenya, comparing those living in camps to those living in urban areas. Kenya is home to approximately 280,000 Somali refugees, of whom 230,000 live in the Dadaab refugee camp complex in Garissa County, and around 24,000 living in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi. The research was conducted during the period when the 2006 Refugee Act, which enforced Kenya’s encampment policy, was still in effect. Kenya has since adopted a new Refugee Act in 2021 (which came into force in 2022) that provides for the establishment of ‘designated areas’ for refugees but does not explicitly contain an encampment requirement.

Forced Migration and the Spread of Infectious Diseases

This paper examines the effect of Venezuelan displacement on the spread of 15 infectious diseases in Colombia. Official statistics suggest that by the end of 2018, when this analysis was undertaken, 1.26 million Venezuelans had migrated to Colombia with the intent to...