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This JDC supported study on the aftermath of COVID-19 in the Mashreq Region dives into the changes in Poverty since the onset of COVID-19 on Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Lebanon.

Monitoring COVID-19 Impact on Refugees in Ethiopia

The high-frequency phone survey of refugees monitors the economic and social impact of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic on refugees and nationals, by calling a sample of households every four weeks. Round 1 of data collection for the refugee sample occurs simultaneously with Round 6 of the national HFPS operation. This survey brief summarizes the results of the first round of the joint national and refugee HFPS, implemented between 24 September and 17 October 2020.

Understanding the Socioeconomic Conditions of Refugees in Kalobeyei, Kenya

This report on Understanding the Socioeconomic Conditions of Refugees in Kaloyebei is the first analytical work supported by the JDC. The report, which was jointly launched by the World Bank and UNHCR, is based on 2018 Kalobeyei Socioeconomic Profiling Survey and presents some of the comparable demographic and socioeconomic snapshots of the refugees and host communities, and highlight how microdata are fundamental to understanding vulnerabilities and guiding interventions.

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