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The JDC literature review highlights recent publications, academic scholarship, and thought leadership on issues relating to forced displacement. Our intention is to stimulate discussion, encourage the exchange of ideas, and support a ‘Community of Practice’.

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Refugee Mobility: Evidence from Phone Data in Turkey

This paper examines the mobility of refugees across provinces in Turkey as a measure of their social integration. The analysis is based on call detail records from the Data for Refugees Turkey (D4R) challenge, combined with socioeconomic data at the province level...

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: A Spatial Study

Lebanon hosts the second largest population of Syrian refugees and has the highest per capita population of Syrian refugees in the world. This paper examines the spatial distribution of Syrian refugees across districts in Lebanon and investigates the factors that...

Jordan Vulnerability Assessment Framework Population Study 2019

The 2019 Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) population study examines different dimensions of vulnerability across multiple sectors among a representative sample of registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, stratified by case size and governorate of displacement....

Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (VASyR) 2018

This report examines the socio-economic situation of a representative sample of Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. The survey covered 4,446 Syrian refugee households randomly selected from 26 districts across Lebanon, and representative at district, governorate and...

Sittwe Camp Profiling Report

This report analyses the displacement situation in and around Sittwe Township, the capital of Rakhine State in Myanmar, where ethnic violence has displaced more than 121,000 people since 2012. The profiling exercise, initiated in 2016, covered four population groups...

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