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The JDC literature review highlights recent publications, academic scholarship, and thought leadership on issues relating to forced displacement. Our intention is to stimulate discussion, encourage the exchange of ideas, and support a ‘Community of Practice’.

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The Development Push of Refugees: Evidence from Tanzania

This paper assesses the long-term effects of temporary refugee inflows from Burundi (1993) and Rwanda (1994) on the welfare of the host population in Tanzania. The authors are particularly interested in whether the changes in the host economy after the departure of...

Do Refugee Camps Help or Hurt Hosts? The Case of Kakuma, Kenya

The paper examines the impact of Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya on the economic welfare of host populations in the Turkana region. Using nighttime lights data as a proxy for economic activity, the authors show that refugee inflows have positive but very localized...

Places of Refuge and Risk: Lessons from San Pedro Sula

The metropolitan area of San Pedro Sula hosts approximately 40 percent of Honduras’ IDPs, with the city itself hosting around 22 percent of IDPs. 81 percent of IDPs have been displaced from elsewhere in the city. IDPs tend to seek refuge in the most marginalized or...

Pakistan’s Urban Refugees: Steps towards Self-reliance

Sixty-eight percent of Afghan refugees in Pakistan live outside of camps, mostly in and around major urban centers. Almost all urban refugees in Pakistan are engaged in livelihood activities (transport business, gemstone trading, carpet production), making a...

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